Living our purpose, ethos and values

Placing children at the heart of everything we do

Supporting and looking after each other

Sharing a common understanding of our responsibilities

Promoting the positives and being advocates for the Trust

Having high aspirations and expectations for our children, making a difference and changing children’s lives for the better

Making meaningful connections – collaborating, empowering and working with whole, extended family

Being open to constructive challenge and working with others to deliver the best outcomes

Promoting the positives and being advocates for the Trust

Being passionate about children and our roles and making sure people feel safe whilst doing their job

Taking time to listen, understand and communicate clearly, considering the impact of your message, thinking and asking questions without having preconceived ideas and explaining the reasons behind decisions

Nurturing a coaching, enabling and learning environment – sharing our experience and helping all to understand the impact of any actions and decisions and what this means for children

Building positive and meaningful relationships across the Trust, being mutually respectful of one another

Creating an environment where equality, diversity and inclusivity are celebrated, and differences are embraced

Encouraging and enabling creativity and innovation

Recognising that there are different ways of achieving our goals and that everyone has something to contribute

Respecting the boundary between our work and personal life, understanding different pressures, promoting our wellbeing

Protecting time for reflection and mutually agreeing how best to achieve this

Celebrating success, recognising good work and its impact and giving praise where it’s warranted

Recognising the importance of the team, looking after and supporting them, addressing any issues swiftly and developing individuals and groups

Acting consistently and fairly when applying our policies and procedures

Offering the best possible support and creating the space for open and honest conversations

Making the simple things count, focusing on what matters – direct contact, conversations, support, direction and guidance

Completing training relevant to your role, including compulsory Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and health and safety training